We deploy our insights and actions for your business to improve and grow.



We offer custom business research services for our clients. We also do single and multi-client studies on certain high potential emerging business models.


Our consultants help clients for strategic planning and decision making. We build organizational roadmaps for growth and growth readiness.


As knowledge partners for our clients we take up stakeholder engagement activities including offline events and online community engagement portals leveraging social media and mobile.


"pManifold dedicatedly perform business and market research assignments. They normally exceed expectations and always deliver creative and technically sophisticated results. It's a pleasure working with them"
Global Business Leader in Lifesciences Consulting, based In USBoutique Strategy Consulting Company in America
"It is my pleasure to have utilized the services of pManifold. They have an innate capability of seeing the large picture, have excellent conceptual thinking abilities, and are well versed with different facets of management, and are always ready to help with complete ownership for the tasks assigned. pManifold is a very professional and enlightened organisation providing value for money"
Business Leader in HRM and HRDHR Consulting Company
"pManifold team exceeded the expectations. We will have continued relationship. Strategic planning assignment for Environment Div. was handled by pManifold team in a highly professional manner. We are now able to see the path forward in a clear way. Areas to focus or drop area to be dropped are clear from the study"
"I am extremely satisfied with pManifold and its team's effort. pManifold gives value for money. They are sincere, hardworking and intelligent, with High Integrity"
"Thank you very pManifold, The experience of working with your team is been nothing short of perfect"

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