Attracting and retaining the top-third graduates for careers in teaching

I interact with a number of engineering and management education institutions on a regular basis. One thing I notice always is the faculty at these institutions. Where we mostly talk about improving the “teaching”, really no one talks about hiring the best teachers for various reasons. The research by McKinsey […]

Distribution Franchisee Attractiveness – Comparison for Madhya Pradesh’s 9 districts

Madhya Pradesh (MP) has come out with 9 districts tenders for Power Distribution Franchisee business (see our earlier blog ‘Upcoming Projects of Power Distribution Franchisee in Madhya Pradesh for more details on districts and corresponding RFPs’. One bigger question that all prospective bidders are now evaluating is ‘Which areas to go […]

Are emerging cities listening to the call of Europe?

Yesterday, I attended a Science and Technology Awareness Raising and Information Campaign in India organized at Nagpur. They are visiting almost 22 cities in India including tier 2/3 cities for promoting European Union’s (EU) research focus and support system. Lot of interesting things were shared including a memory stick containing […]

Real gains for Utility and End-Consumers from Distribution Franchisee business

An obvious question with so much projected on Distribution Franchisee (DF) model is: What real gains both the utility and end-consumers could expect coming out of the Distribution Franchisee model? While Bhiwandi implementation of Distribution Franchisee has shown increased consumer satisfaction for improved service levels, but it is yet to […]

Upcoming Projects of Power Distribution Franchisee in Madhya Pradesh

A previous blog covered the market status report of ongoing and upcoming projects in Power Distribution Franchisee. This blog provides an updates and showcases recent activity of Power Distribution Franchisee in Madhya Pradesh (MP). The table below provides the brief summary of Power Distribution Franchisee projects of 9 districts in […]