Challenges in and Levers for success of the 24×7 water supply projects in India

As one wonders what has been holding back the operationalization of the 24×7 water supply projects in India, we thought of penning down our observations around it. Even before kicking-off the operations, one observes that the long gestation period (5+ years) to engage and realize even first pilot is a show-stopper. This is […]

Delayed Bids opening: Perceived risks from ‘few & new’ players

Both Mumbra-Shil-Kalwa and Jharkhand Distribution Franchisee (DF) bids are pending for bid opening for more than a month. SAIL has only recently open the Bhilai bid, while other 3 areas are still pending. There seems no check on the utilities to monitor governance on the bid process, and be responsible to its […]