Before you start consumer indexing…

There has been a huge hue and cry about the unavailability of consumer data with the Indian utilities. However, the question that needs to be asked is that whether we have really made an effort to collect the right data set? And if we have, do we have the processes […]

IUKAN 2013 – Sessions Coverage and Post Event Publications

pManifold’s 1st Annual Indian Utilities Knowledge and Networking (IUKAN) 2013 conference at New Delhi on 12th Feb 2013, saw participation from  over 100+ companies including stakeholders Governments/DISCOMs, Private Operators, Consultants, Vendors, Utilities, New Entrants, Investors, etc. making 210+ delegates and speakers. The conference focus was on ‘Challenges and Best Practices […]

IUKAN Session 4 Proceedings: Raising Finance for Investments in Loss Reduction

Investments in network and service delivery infrastructure will be required by operators to make interventions that would drastically reduce losses and improve end-customer services. Raising equity, debt and managing working capital will be key to the success of the operating Distribution Operators. However, the exposure of banks and private equity […]

IUKAN Session 3 Proceedings: Strategizing Vendor Management – Collaboration, Innovation, and Integration

Utilities are heavily driven by outsourcing of products and services, but most times, their integration is limited by lack of strong SLAs and vendor management practices. The new private operators usually start dealing with several products and contractors, and already scarce Management bandwidth gets occupied in monitoring and renegotiating contracts and […]

Vidarbha Business Growth Outlook Study 2013

Vidarbha Business Growth Outlook Study 2013

Executive Summary Businesses in Vidarbha have been traditionally characterized as trading and natural resources related. However, in the past decade there have been spurt of manufacturing and knowledge industries in Vidarbha. Government policies, establishment of dedicated industrial corridors including those like MIHAN etc. have made the region more attractive to […]