Impact of Net-Metering Policy on Solar Roof Top project parameters for Residential Consumers of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka

There has been a continuous and growing interest for grid connected solar rooftops across India. This is primarily due to shift in consumer behaviour across all consumer categories (residential, industrial, commercial, etc.). The consumer is not just interested in consuming electricity but also producing it. By installing solar in their […]

Five Best Practices for delivering global engagements

With the added complexity due to globalization and increased demand, there’s now more pressure on consulting firms to focus on better customer delivery in order to keep clients happy. Key challenges faced by many growing firms include understanding the client needs properly, defining engagement scope, and expected outcome. If these […]

Solar Financial Modeling: 9 points you can’t afford to miss out

Any project related to power sector requires a huge amount of investment. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to make financial model and do a thorough analysis for the financial viability of the proposed project prior to any decision regarding the initiation of the project. Financial Models can be complex and […]