India is expected to compete with leading countries in the EV space within the next decade. By transitioning to EVs, India can save up to Rs. 20 Lakh CR. in oil imports and nearly 1 Gigatonne of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, according to a report by FICCI and Rocky Mountain Institute. Major automobile companies like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Suzuki etc. are interested to launch their EV in India before 2020-21. These companies have stated that the major hindrance to widespread acceptance of EVs in the Indian market is the lack of presence of EV charging stations or the Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE). In order to tackle this issue, the government has tabled a proposal to have a charging station in every 3KM is major cities and in every 50KM on major national highways.

pManifold has been part of the EV journey in India from its core. We are very deeply entrenched into the ecosystem and have worked on major engagements with leading national and international institutions developing the EV market including Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India and United Nationals Environment Protection. The EV Group at pManifold has also produced an Industry report and also developing platform solutions for delivering their research to EV players.

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