Power Distribution Franchisee

Distribution Franchisee (or Distribution Power Franchisee or Power Distribution Franchisee or Power Franchisee or DF) is an emerging PPP model in Indian Distribution power sector. While it is not complete privatization, it is a step to leverage best corporate practices, cut down high utility losses (national average ATC of 35+%), realise predictable cash flows directly from end-consumers and hence offers an attractive big market.

With modernization of utility infrastructure (IT automation, Measurements and Monitoring) under Government of India’s R-APDRP program, the scale-up of Distrbution Franchisee business stands at market inflection point. Further integration of the existing Distribution Franchisee model with Distributed Generation (DGBDF – Distributed Generation Based Distribution Franchisee) and consumer demand management would be advent of India into Smart Distribution or smart grid.

pManifold Services in Utility Monitoring and Distribution Franchisee


  • Market intelligence
  • Utilities and Policy makers perspective on Distribution Franchisee
  • Customer Satisfaction survey for Utilities
  • Distribution Franchisee scale-up & advocacy
  • Industry and Custom Reports


  • Go-To-Market Entry Strategy
  • Financial modeling & Bid Advisory
  • Distribution Franchisee site survey, asset health maps, intelligence & analytics
  • Utility Performance Audit & Monitoring
  • Operational consulting
  • Transaction Advisory


  • Thought Leadership in Distribution Franchisee – outreach, extension & networking
  • Conferences/ Workshops
  • Utility Partner Database & Solutions/Services Grading
  • Utility and Distribution Franchisee stakeholder engagement initiatives, blogs, etc.
  • In-Company Training

Ours and our Partner’s expertise

We have established a strong delivery team to provide above services with expertise in:

  • Distribution Operations, Regulations &  Policy
  • Utility Management & Performance
  • GIS & Power-network Information Maps
  • IT / ERP Solutions for Utility
  • Business Modeling & Markets
  • Real-time Measurements & Energy Audit
  • Utility Financial Audits and accounts
  • Technologies
  • Analytics, Intelligence and Performance Monitoring
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