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Distribution Franchisee (or Distribution Power Franchisee or Power Distribution Franchisee or Power Franchisee or DF) is an emerging PPP model in Indian Distribution power sector. While it is not complete privatization, it is a step to leverage best corporate practices, cut down high utility losses (national average ATC of 35+%), realise predictable cash flows directly from end-consumers and hence offers an attractive big market.

With modernization of utility infrastructure (IT automation, Measurements and Monitoring) under Government of India’s R-APDRP program, the scale-up of Distrbution Franchisee business stands at market inflection point. Further integration of the existing Distribution Franchisee model with Distributed Generation (DGBDF – Distributed Generation Based Distribution Franchisee) and consumer demand management would be advent of India into Smart Distribution or smart grid.

pManifold Services in Utility Monitoring and Distribution Franchisee


  • Market intelligence
  • Utilities and Policy makers perspective on Distribution Franchisee
  • Customer Satisfaction survey for Utilities
  • Distribution Franchisee scale-up & advocacy
  • Industry and Custom Reports


  • Go-To-Market Entry Strategy
  • Financial modeling & Bid Advisory
  • Distribution Franchisee site survey, asset health maps, intelligence & analytics
  • Utility Performance Audit & Monitoring
  • Operational consulting
  • Transaction Advisory


  • Thought Leadership in Distribution Franchisee – outreach, extension & networking
  • Conferences/ Workshops
  • Utility Partner Database & Solutions/Services Grading
  • Utility and Distribution Franchisee stakeholder engagement initiatives, blogs, etc.
  • In-Company Training

Ours and our Partner’s expertise

We have established a strong delivery team to provide above services with expertise in:

  • Distribution Operations, Regulations &  Policy
  • Utility Management & Performance
  • GIS & Power-network Information Maps
  • IT / ERP Solutions for Utility
  • Business Modeling & Markets
  • Real-time Measurements & Energy Audit
  • Utility Financial Audits and accounts
  • Technologies
  • Analytics, Intelligence and Performance Monitoring

Market & Customer Intelligence on Gwalior for Distribution Franchisee Bidders

Webinar Brief Introduction The revised MP Distribution Franchisee (DF) RFPs for Gwalior, Ujjain and Sagar has brought down on average coverage area by 100%, number of consumers and electricity sales by 60% and number of DTCs by 77%, with move from district level to city level. There is now mandated […]

Utility Monitoring & Distribution Franchisee – Enhancing SEBs performance @ IIES 2011

pManifold as Knowledge Partner to IIES 2011 organized a workshop on ‘Utility Monitoring & Distribution Power Franchise – Enhancing SEB’s Performance’. The workshop was co-chaired with domain experts Mr. Murhari Kele, Supt. Engg. MSEDCL, Nagpur and Mr. Prabhakar Kukde, Ex-Director, Tata Power. Speakers who participated in this workshop were: Rahul […]

Interim (or Mini) Power Franchisee Market in India 2013Q1

Brief Overview Fill the form below or on the right to download a free Executive Summary of the Report. If you face some issue in downloading then please drop an email to Kunjan.Bagdia@pManifold.com. Power Distribution Franchisee, growing Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is seeing good momentum in the industry. Different Franchisee based models are emerging […]

Electric Utility Customer Opinion Preferences and Satisfaction (EUCOPS) Reports 2011

Comprehensively parameterized, indicative Report capturing satisfaction and preferences of electricity consumers in upcoming Distribution Franchisee areas in Madhya Pradesh, India. The following locations are covered in this report series. Bhind Satna Shajapur Gwalior Sagar Dewas Datia Narsinghpur Ujjain Read our latest findings: Distribution Franchisee Attractiveness – Comparison for Madhya Pradesh’s […]

Input-Based Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India 2012Q2

PopUp pManifold’s Market Research Report on ‘Input based Power Distribution Franchisee’ in India provides an insight into the current scenario of Power Distribution Franchisee and potential future trends. Brief Summary Fill the form below or on the right to download a FREE Executive Summary of the Q2 Report. If you […]

Deal Tracker: Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India

The Power Distribution Franchisee model is fast growing and we have already seen over 23 deals getting initiated in this space, out of which about 8 of them are in-progress. All stakeholders in Power Distribution Franchisee model are actively engaged and positively looking at the growth of this model, which of course still faces tough […]

Process Quality Monitoring for Power Distribution Franchisee

About the Client A leading power distribution franchisee operator with operations in multiple locations in India. Client Problem Client wanted to monitor each customer facing process and identify issues, if any, being experienced by customers on various service delivery parameters like satisfaction, turnaround time, staff behavior, unauthorized payments etc. Solution […]

Financial bid strategy for Power Distribution Franchisee in Madhya Pradesh

About the Client A large engineering services & Energy Mgmt. company from Delhi, India Client Problem Client wanted to create a financial model for deciding the bid strategy in Power Distribution Franchisee projects in Madhya Pradesh The Solution Develop a financial model for estimating the optimum input bid prices that […]

Customer benchmarking Study for a Power Distribution Franchisee operator

About the Client Strategy team of a large Technology Infrastructure Management company catering to over 4 Lac consumers through Power Distribution Franchisee business model. Client Problem The client needed to understand their customers to design services accordingly. The Solution Methodological and objective measurement and analysis of customer’s opinions, preferences and […]

Power Distribution Franchisee Network

Power Distribution Franchisee is an emerging model in India and outside. This group intends to build ‘Community of Interest’ of professional experts and industries in this business to share knowledge, networks and best practices. The group is hosted on Linkedin since 22 August 2011, and with 900+ members is the […]

Business Technology Conclave for IT Decision Makers and Thought Leaders in Power Distribution Utilities

Objective As the Power Distribution Sector in India evolves into a rapidly adopted PPP-model, significant importance is being given to real-time decision making through business intelligence gathered across business functions. Information Technology and its confluence with business processes and overall performance management in the Power Distribution Utility has been the […]

Financial Model for Input Based Power Distribution Franchisee

pManifold has developed a detailed Financial & Bankability Model for ‘Input Based Power Distribution Franchisee’ to help investors and businesses understand the financial risks and returns of the model. The full powered Excel model with ability to simultaneously present 50+ scenarios allows clients to deeply understand interrelations and varying sensitivity […]


JSEB Franchisee bid date extension, DF model way forward, PQ and loss reduction interconnection – Power Distribution Newsletter, May 2014

This is the newsletter for the month of May, 2014 sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Industry opportunities and updates. We continue to bring you key developments in the Power Distribution Industry. Opportunities ·    Bid submission date for JSEB floated tenders for appointment of Collection based Rural […]


JSEB Franchisee bid submission date extended, Mr. Ajoy Mehta’s Vision Session at IUKAN 2014 – Power Distribution Newsletter, April 2014

This is a newsletter for the month of April, 2014 sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution industry opportunities and updates.We continue to share Power Distribution Utility updates for broader community development. Some of them are mentioned below and hope you find it useful.  Existing Opportunities Last date […]


Jharkhand Rural Distribution Opportunity, Expert Opinions and IUKAN 2014 Updates – Dec, 2013 Newsletter

This is a newsletter for the month of Dec, 2013 sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Franchisee industry opportunities and updates. Some of the recent updates from the Power Distribution Franchisee model are mentioned below. Hope, you find it useful.    New Opportunities Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) has […]


PESU DF on-hold, Essel begins Muzaffarpur DF, IUKAN 2014 – Nov, 2013 Newsletter

This is a newsletter for the month of Nov, 2013 sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Franchisee industry opportunities and updates. Last month has been slow for Power Distribution Franchisee industry, as 2 opportunities (i.e. PESU Distribution Franchisee and Jaipur’s Technical Feasibility Consultant) have seen little progress. […]


Jharkhand’s DF on-hold, PESU bids again extended, MoP New Initiatives, IUKAN 2014 – Oct, 2013 Newsletter

This is a newsletter sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Franchisee industry opportunities and updates.Some of the recent updates in the Power Distribution Franchisee space are shared below. Hope, you will find it useful.Existing Opportunities Last date of PESU bid submission has been extended (now multiple repeat) […]


Jaipur Franchisee opportunity, Updates from PESU & Dhanbad, Expert Interviews, pManifold’s New Report Launch – Sep, 2013 Newsletter

This is a newsletter sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Franchisee industry opportunities and updates. Last month, the Power Distribution industry saw various developments across different states. Some of these are mentioned below. We hope you will find them useful.   New Opportunities Jaipur Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd (JVVNL) […]


Franchisee updates from Jharkhand & PESU, Expert Interviews & more – Aug, 2013 Newsletter

This is a newsletter sent to mailing list of pManifold sharing Power Distribution Franchisee industry opportunities and updates. Some of the recent updates about the industry are mentioned below: New Opportunities Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) has floated new RFP documents for appointment of ‘Rural Distribution Franchisee’ on the basis […]


Views on ‘Future of Power Distribution Franchisee Model in India’ by Dr. Murhari Kele, CE (Mumbai), MSEDCL

Dr. Murhari S. Kele, Chief Engineer, MSEDCL, Mumbai. Power Distribution Franchisee (PDF) model in India saw mixed results across various operating areas so far. While the model saw good momentum after Bhiwandi success story with various states opting for the same, but there is no second success story to further […]


New Initiatives / steps taken by UGVCL to improve operational efficiency

The Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited (UGVCL), a second largest state discom in Gujarat serving almost 2.9 million customers, has its network spread across an area of 49,950 Sq. Km. It was the rated the second best state power distribution utility, by the Ministry of Power (MoP), with due recognition […]


Evolving Distribution Franchisee Model across states

The Ministry of Power’s financial restructuring plan has made the introduction of private participation in distribution as one of the mandatory conditions for availing the benefits of scheme (as a result of high AT&C losses, low IT involvement and huge financial losses). Whilst State Governments’ (except Delhi and Odisha) have […]


Discover Opportunities in Power & Water Distribution – Join IUKAN 2014, 13th Feb, New Delhi

IUKAN 2014 is focused on improving Utility Services in Urban Areas and covers power, water, waste etc. It is a very interesting platform that is build to get various stakeholders such as Policy Makers, Regulators, Operators, Service Providers, Consumers, Technology Players together and facilitate ‘Rapid Scale Up’, ‘Service Effectiveness’ and […]


Views on Managed IT services for Distribution Franchisees by Mr. Ananth Chandramouli, Head – Energy and Utilities, Infosys

Mr. Ananth Chandramouli, Head –  Energy and Utilities, Infosys Indian Power market has fast changed and further evolving post unbundling reforms. There is rapid emergence of various private/PPP models across Power Distribution. There is high attractiveness of the end B2C Power Distribution business, as it brings cash for all other businesses […]


Moving from Electrical Contractor to ‘Specialised O&M Managed Services Partner’ for Power Distribution Franchisees

Mr. Gagan Aggarwal, MD, Creative Entrepreneurs Utilities are heavily driven by outsourcing of products and services, but most times, their integration is limited by lack of strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and vendor management practices. The new private operators usually start dealing with several products and contractors, and already scarce […]


Raising meaningful GIS implementation in Indian Discoms and Franchisees

Mr. Sanjay Sahay, VP -India Sales GIS is very much talked about in the utility space. Every new franchisee that starts or an existing utility wants to first start by mapping the network and its customers to a GIS map. How effective is this and how effectively it can be done […]


Bottom-up innovation: From Micro Grid in Indian villages to Smart Grid for urban Discoms

Yashraj Khaitan, Co-founder and CEO, Grampower  Bringing electricity to rural areas that never may see the grid is a great boon to both people’s quality of life and the region’s economy. Smart Grid Technology or Renewable Microgrid is the topic of this discussion to improve operational and business efficiency of Indian […]


Avoiding mistakes with GIS implementation in Power Distribution Utilities

Noida Power Company Ltd (NPCL), a joint venture between the RP-Sajiv Goenka Group, a leading business house in India and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, distributes power in Greater Noida, near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh. The Company started its operations in December 1993 under a 30-year license from U.P. Government […]


Ten twin cities to come up for Distribution Franchisee in Bihar

Bihar is one of the fastest growing States in the Country and has acquired considerable attention throughout the country and even abroad for its remarkable performance on the development front. The requirement for an enhanced Transmission and Distribution (T&D) infrastructure has ensured a firm commitment from the State Government, for […]

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