Case Studies

We've made a difference to each client and project we have worked with [...]

Communities of Interest

pManifold has been at the forefront of developing communities and engaging them around the emerging business models and industries that we work in [...]


Effective engagement with stakeholders is need of the hour allows businesses to leverage collective intelligence, have happier stakeholders, and emerge as leaders in their domains [...]

Financial Models

Our cross-functional team of domain practitioners and financial analysts develops financial models which are vetted by domain experts and ready for use in your decision making or bidding process [...]


Many of our presentations that we make at conferences, events etc are shared for broader learning and sharing [...]


Find research reports relevant to your industry or function [...]


Maternal Health & Child Care – the aspect of attention

It has been over two decades since the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) formulated a reproductive health agenda for the world, and as of 2015, the MDG has not been achieved as per target. Whether developing countries like India will be able to improve health outcomes among women […]

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