Market Intelligence

The Challenge
To enable business growth, it is imperative for businesses to understand the markets that they already or could serve leveraging their existing resources and assets. Businesses need key intelligence on the target customer, existing competition and industry situation (quality & quantity of demand & supply) in the new markets.

What we do?
We assist our clients in researching their target markets – geographies & business areas – and providing insights to help them identify the customer needs, business practices, competitive scenario, regulatory policies and frameworks and financial viability through opportunity analysis.

Competitive Landscape Analysis in India to define Pricing strategy for a public listed Australian skincare products company

About the Client A boutique strategy consulting company in Life sciences, based in US Client Problem Client’s customer, a public limited company in Australia needed to get a competitive landscape of prestige skin whitening, anti-ageing and body shaping market in India, in order to devise strategy on their pricing and licensing […]

Assessment of Global Net Present Value (NPV) of a revolutionary Nanotechnology Based Diagnostic Platform

About the Client Investors Controlled Innovative technology company in US Client Problem Client wanted to commercialize ground breaking technology in the MI Diagnostics field, and wanted to know its commercial potential so that suitable licensing fees and model could be determined and also value could be showcased to Licensees The […]

Dedicated team (KPO unit) for Business Development and Research

About the Client A boutique strategy consulting company in Life sciences, based in US Client Problem Client wanted to setup offshore team to augment Research, Business Development and Operations in India to churn more technology licensing and market entry business thus adding more value at optimum cost The Solution pManifold […]

Market Research for Potential and Mapping of Application of DC Generator for Telecom Towers

About the Client: A manufacturing company specializing in energy, motors and generators. Client Problem: The client was looking into manufacturing of DC Diesel Generators for the telecom sector in India and required the data to help with business decisions related to the venture. A study of existing players in the […]

Interim (or Mini) Power Franchisee Market in India 2013Q1

Brief Overview Fill the form below or on the right to download a free Executive Summary of the Report. If you face some issue in downloading then please drop an email to Power Distribution Franchisee, growing Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is seeing good momentum in the industry. Different Franchisee based models are emerging […]

Input-Based Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India 2012Q2

PopUp pManifold’s Market Research Report on ‘Input based Power Distribution Franchisee’ in India provides an insight into the current scenario of Power Distribution Franchisee and potential future trends. Brief Summary Fill the form below or on the right to download a FREE Executive Summary of the Q2 Report. If you […]

Deal Tracker: Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India

The Power Distribution Franchisee model is fast growing and we have already seen over 23 deals getting initiated in this space, out of which about 8 of them are in-progress. All stakeholders in Power Distribution Franchisee model are actively engaged and positively looking at the growth of this model, which of course still faces tough […]

Export Business Roadmap buildup and implementation support for an IT SMB

About the Client: An IT Company based in Central India having major competency in GIS and Engineering Design Services. Client Problem: The client earlier had significant exports in Building Design Services; however it was discontinued and no significant export business exists today in either of its primary service areas including […]

Case Studies

Whitepaper on IT Industry at Nagpur for a thought leading Power distributor

About the Client A large company establishing presence in a new market Client Problem Client wanted to contribute and partner in the local city’s growth The Solution We proposed to release a whitepaper at a high level NASSCOM conference bringing together key opinion leaders and stakeholders and sharing knowledge for […]


Nagpur IT Software Landscape Report 2011 Q1

This first version of the report on Nagpur’s IT landscape (first of its kind) is intended as a periodic publication and attempts to become a reference document for people considering Nagpur as an IT destination – both professionals and businesses. The report is part of the growIT.initiative and is published […]

Urban Water Distribution PPPs (UWDP) Market in India

Brief Summary India has the second largest urban population in the world with more than 300 million people living in urban India. By 2021, the figure is expected to cross 40% with 74 million plus urban agglomerations. To meet the challenges of rapid urbanization, the Government of India has launched […]

Assessment of Global Net Present Value (NPV) – Commercialization options for new Technology in Solar Energy

About the Client Investors Controlled Innovative technology company in US Client Problem A team of scientists in Latin America developed a ground breaking technology in solar cells application. However, this technology was residing in the lab and the investor client was unsure about the commercialization roadmap

Assessment of Nagpur City based on ISO 37120 Sustainable Cities Standard

About the Client Nagpur First Charitable Trust – an NGO with a focus on city development Client Problem Nagpur First Charitable Trust is an NGO working for the development of Nagpur City with the aim of making Nagpur a Global City by 2020. It collaborates with Nagpur Municipal Corporate as […]

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