At pManifold Infolabs we build software products with high quality, agility and universal impact leveraging the best technologies that improve the life of people.

We work with the mission to develop information-driven solutions that address true customer pain points.

Two products are on the way right now,

Consult Engine – A consultation engine for engaging stakeholders and collecting insights for decision support, policy advocacy, intellectual engagement of communities leveraging leading-edge technologies in mobile, AI and fast data. – A thought leadership engagement platform for enabling knowledge creators, experts or enthusiasts to curate actionable insights on emerging topics and enabling learning and growth for all others.

If you are interested to know more about our products or would like to explore collaboration opportunities, then please reach out to

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In-Company Workshop
pManifold team is helping spread knowledge and accelerate EV ecosystem in India through the “India Charging Ahead” Webinar and Workshop series.

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