As most business owners and managers, you already have a great deal of understanding about the business that you are already into and your challenge is either to improve the business, grow it or create a new one.

At pManifold we partner with you, our clients, to Discover, Define and Drive strategic business initiatives using a well crafted, all rounded 3D Approach as described below.

At starting point, we discover What you have? so that we can leverage it to unlock strategic value to do what you already do? and what you can do? more effectively. This internal perspective is aided with the external perspective of the market by discovering What the market needs? with which we are better able to map your resources optimally to the markets demand.

After the discovery phase, we define What you can do and how? so that you can set and achieve business goals and improve business value. This essentially is the planning phase which is crucial for preparing roadmaps for the short or long term.

Finally, once the roadmap is prepared we can do / drive the execution of strategic initiatives within the client organization so that the improvement, scale-up or diversification/creation of new business is achieved.