The pManifold Academic Research Teams (pART) Network is our approach of engaging with the academic community to engage the students / faculty to generate useful research output. The network consists of student and faculty teams which form an integral pART of our research projects. There are multiple projects available where we are seeking involvement from high quality students and faculty of strong business schools.

How do we engage?
  • The members of the pART Network are recruited on a project-to-project basis to ensure that the right skills are hired for the kind of project work under contention. The membership is voluntary and with no formal obligation aside from that required for the project.
  • All students and faculty that work on a client project sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and other relevant documentation.
What we offer to students / faculty?
  • Opportunity to work on a live project typically enhancing skills in market research, entry strategy, project management & value-proposition preparation.
  • Opportunity to make direct contacts with industry veterans, business owners through primary interviews.
  • Regular project status meetings with pManifold consultants to guide the team work.
  • Certificates for their work.
  • Rights to publically (CV etc) mention their participation in projects executed under the pManifold Academic Research Network.
  • Note: their will be no monetary compensation involved. Out of pocket expenses may be covered if prior agreed.
What we offer to the educational institutions?
  • Brand Recognition on the report front page of the report under the “pART Network” banner.
  • Rights to publically mention their participation in projects executed under the pART Network.
Success stories
  • A 3 week socio-economic assessment assignment for 9 districts in Madhya Pradesh for a first-of-its-kind report on the emerging business model of Power Distribution Franchisee.
  • A 3 week assignment involving 20 students and 2 faculties of a b-school recruited for a customer benchmarking project for a local utility operator with over 4 lac customers.

Interested? Contact us!

Write to with your project proposal or your interest in joining this network.