We partner with specialist organizations in various sectors including but not limited to Analytics, Information Technology, Energy Efficiency, GIS, Renewable Energy, Environment etc to provide implementation services for our consulting assignments.




no2co2, a not-for-profit society, was born out of the passion of the promoters of Eliminate Carbon Emissions (ECE) Pvt. Ltd. to provide a vehicle to facilitate the message of individual accountability and action in responding to Climate Change.

Eliminate Carbon Emissions (ECE) Pvt. Ltd. provides consulting in Ecology and Infrastructure Integration services. ECE has expertise in Carbon Footprinting, Lifecycle Analysis, developing Carbon Footprint mitigation strategies and devising appropriate sustainability roadmap for the enterprises, facilitating Environmental Impact Analysis and in developing Environmental Communication Strategy.

Aaum Analytics & Research


Aaum is a solutions provider in advanced analytics, competetive intelligence and livelihood consulting. Founded by IIT Madras alumnus & incorporated at IIT Madras Research Park, the company has established state-of-art data collection over mobile phones and processing capabilities. It has niche in livelihood, finance, retail, education, telecom, etc. in government and non-government domains. The company has evolved proprietary framework for business performance evaluation and monitoring and has completed scaled projects at state and national level.

Agneya Carbon Ventures


Agneya Carbon Ventures, a focused consulting organization providing solutions in the fields of carbon, renewable and sustainability. Agneya Carbon Ventures is founded by alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore in September 2010. As a team, Agneya has worked on first-in-sector projects in carbon credits, renewable energy, carbon footprinting and carbon disclosure across real estate, infrastructure, pharmaceutical and process sectors. Agneya team members have relevant experience in renewable energy projects right from feasibility study to project management and carbon advisory. Agneya Carbon Ventures also has experience in executing CDM projects across technologies such as wind, biomass, biomethanation and energy efficiency.

Harrier Information Systems


Harrier is a fast growing, ISO 9001:2000 certified, software services company focused on developing software solutions for various industry verticals.

pManifold partner’s with Harrier to provide IT implementation for software/hardware application development, testing and maintenance services to it’s clients.

Asia Power Quality Initiative


APQI, or the Asia Power Quality Initiative, is a joint effort of the International Copper Association, the International Copper Promotion Council (India), the Electrical and Electronics Institute, Thailand, the University of Bergamo (Italy) and the European Copper Institute (ECI, Belgium). APQI aims to create an independent platform that would build awareness and capacities on issues related to Power Quality.

pManifold is APQI’s National Support Network Partner.

Sagacious Research


Sagacious Research is an Indian Intellectual Property (IP) Research and analytics firm that was founded in the year 2007 with a vision of providing improved and efficient multi-lingual Patent Searches and in-depth Licensing Support Services to its clients globally. Since its inception, Sagacious has provided IP and Patent support services to a number of Innovators, Patent Practitioners, Businesses, and Investors to earn the reputation of an Indian patent search firm that clients can rely on and expect an easy and pleasurable experience each time.

Sagacious is pManifold IP Research Partner.



At Cygni, we believe in a better way to power homes and businesses at a lower cost while contributing to a cleaner planet. Generate your own clean energy instead of paying for traditional electricity. Solar power can actually cost less than you pay now. The savings can be significant! CYGNI is on a mission to “Power a Billion Dreams” by venturing into new solar solutions based on Solar-DC Technology and Innovation. CYGNI provides various DC solutions to our clients.