Paashu Ahmad Khan

Partner ConsultantMr. Paashu Khan has 15+ years strong experience in most domains of GIS including preparation of GIS specifications, GIS database management, design and implementation, system analysis, training and operations and application development (like remote sensing application, GIS-based Internet applications etc.).

He is expert in GIS Software ARCGIS, ArcView, Arc Workstation, AutoCAD Map, Micro station, Global Mapper, ERDAS, EasyPace and GeoMedia with portfolio of projects across and outside India.He has successfully worked on many projects including Digital slope map creation of Maharashtra State, creation of HTML maps for entire Maharashtra State, Integration of geological maps of Maharashtra (Jaldhara project), GIS for school management, Map data capture for ICRIS project and Geo-coding of NAVTEQ Street data i.e. generation of address point along the streets of Germany.

He is Chief Technology Officer at Micro Documents Automation, a document management and GIS company. He also runs a startup Astron Technosys with products and services in GIS space across all domains.He has done his M.Sc. in Tech Applied Geology and is pursuing Ph.D. in Integrated Watershed Management System using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System. He has building publications on various applications of GIS.