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Market Research for Potential and Mapping of Application of DC Generator for Telecom Towers

Market Research for Potential and Mapping of Application of DC Generator for Telecom Towers

About the Client:

A manufacturing company specializing in energy, motors and generators.

Client Problem:

The client was looking into manufacturing of DC Diesel Generators for the telecom sector in India and required the data to help with business decisions related to the venture. A study of existing players in the market was also required to form a list of potential partners and competitors

Solution Approach:

  • pManifold undertook the research in the telecom sector of India to assess the current scenario of towers and to accurately predict the situation in the future
  • Devised the strategic entry points for the client by considering factors such as new technologies, government agendas, and power supply reliability
  • Assessed the application of DC Diesel generators at the telecom towers and estimated a market share
  • Compared the AC generators with DC generators for telecom towers based on environmental, financial, and regulatory factors
  • Analysed the different market drivers that could affect the rollout of new towers
  • Studied the segmentation of telecom tower and their energy requirements

Results/ Benefit to the Client:

  • pManifold provided the client with an assessment of the telecom sector by covering the current market size, the demand drivers and the new potential markets
  • The report also provided the client with strategies to enter the market as well as suggested possible alliances with companies from sectors like renewable energy and energy management

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