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Power Distribution Franchisee Network

Power Distribution Franchisee Network

Power Distribution Franchisee is an emerging model in India and outside. This group intends to build ‘Community of Interest’ of professional experts and industries in this business to share knowledge, networks and best practices.

The group is hosted on Linkedin since 22 August 2011, and with 900+ members is the largest group focused on Power Distribution Franchisee business model in India.

Some key topics that this group could contribute

  • What improvements to strengthen PPP model in Distribution Franchisee?
  • What should be selection criterion for new Distribution Franchisee sites?
  • How to improve measurements and associated baseline information during pre-tendering?
  • What best practices in distribution to be taken up for smooth operationalization of new Distribution Franchisee?
  • If and how benefits of Distribution Franchisee could penetrate into wider territories (including rural) and give rise to true Distributed Generation based Distribution Franchisee?
  • others…
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