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Deal Tracker: Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India

Deal Tracker: Power Distribution Franchisee Market in India

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The Power Distribution Franchisee model is fast growing and we have already seen over 23 deals getting initiated in this space, out of which about 8 of them are in-progress. All stakeholders in Power Distribution Franchisee model are actively engaged and positively looking at the growth of this model, which of course still faces tough challenges.

pManifold is positioned in a neutral, observer role in this model, and is working with key players on various fronts offering market intelligence and customer side knowledge to operating distribution franchisees, new entrants, consultants, private equity players and other stakeholders.

With the Power Distribution Franchisee opportunities expected to grow substantially going forward, we are happy to announce the launch of ‘pManifold’s Power Distribution Franchisee Deal Tracker’.

What do you get in Deal Tracker?

The Deal Tracker will be delivered every month as a Spreadsheet, with the following,
  • List of deals containing the following parameters:
    • RFP Status – Awarded, On hold, Bid-in-process
    • Distribution Franchisee Business Model
    • Contract Period
    • Location i.e. State, Licensee
    • Transaction Advisor
    • Contact Details – Name, Email Address, Phone No.
    • RFP Issue Month, Submission Date and Last Revision
    • Bid Won
    • Additional Remarks
  • pManifold’s Site Attractiveness Matrix – comparing each deal across various key parameters for getting a comparative sense of the Distribution Franchisee areas and identification of potential new areas where a company could bid for,
    • RFP Data
    • Census Data


Quarterly Subscription: (3 x 1 monthly copy) – Rs.15,000
Annual Subscription: (12 monthly copies starting from month of subscription) – Rs. 45,000
(On purchase of Subscription, an updated copy of the Deal Tracker will be delivered on every 5th day of the month)


Payable to “pManifold Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
IFSC : HDFC0001786
A/c No. – 17862320000109

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