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Electric Utility Customer Opinion Preferences and Satisfaction (EUCOPS) Reports 2011

Electric Utility Customer Opinion Preferences and Satisfaction (EUCOPS) Reports 2011

Comprehensively parameterized, indicative Report capturing satisfaction and preferences of electricity consumers in upcoming Distribution Franchisee areas in Madhya Pradesh, India. The following locations are covered in this report series.










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(Download a Snapshot Report which contains details on the Report series including survey motivation, methodology, sample results, report data, GIS visualizations and infographics.)

Contents of each location-wise report

❶ Field Report Executive brief on the current status of the utilies performance seen from the customer perspective, load growth profile and key issues identified by personally interviewing residential, industrial and commercial customers.
❷ Customer Satisfaction A detailed statistical report on customer satisfaction measured across 7 key factors and 20+ attributes which help obtain a detailed view of which areas of the business need focus.
❸ Recommendations Detailed location-specific recommendations on the key areas requiring priority actions helping bidders and decision makers understand the location situation in depth and identify the right action plan and better estimate the investments required.

The insights on Customer Satisfaction will be reported on the following points

Customer Satisfaction Factors

  • Power Quality & Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Meter, Billing & Payments
  • Price
  • Information Systems
  • Company Image

Customer Opinion

  • Role of Consumers
  • Expectation from Utility
  • Smart Meters
  • Cost of New Meters
  • Willingness to pay additional money for premium services
  • Perceived Overall Quality
  • Privatization Perception

Customer Satisfaction Attributes

  • Unplanned Outages
  • Planned Outages
  • Voltage Stability
  • Safety
  • Local Electricity Infrastructure

Customer Satisfaction Attributes continued

  • Breakdown Restoration
  • Ease of acquiring New Connections
  • Resolution of Meter Complaints
  • Resolution of Billing Complaints
  • Service Response Time
  • Staff Behaviour
  • Access to Customer Service
  • Advance notice about disruption in power supply
  • Advance notice about Inconvenience due to public work
  • Awareness – Energy Efficiency
  • Awareness – Consumer Rights
  • Communication Modes
  • Meter Accuracy
  • Bill Receipt on Time
  • Billing Accuracy
  • Easy Bill Understanding
  • Modes of Payment
  • Fairness of Price
  • Value for money
  • Complaints Traceability
  • Online Accessibility to records

Who will benefit from this report and why?

Bidders participating in the Distribution Franchisee tenders to raise/address relevant issues during pre-Bid meetings with the licensee and also to better estimate investments in appropriate areas.
Distribution Franchisee operating in the regionto establish a comprehensive model and identify drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty in order to establish long/short term marketing plans,investment priorities & satisfied customers.
Policy makers to improve RFP Design, policies and benchmarks for distribution franchisee performance based on stakeholder engagement and perception.
State Distribution Licensee Companies to monitor Distribution Franchisee performance and establish sound vendor management
Distribution Franchisees operating in other regions to benchmark their performance.
Consultants, Professionals, Public Panels and NGOs advising, tracking, monitoring and interfacing with distribution utilities.

Generally, the report helps to

  • Get an independent view on the local electricity distribution situation
  • Validate and add to information provided in RFP for improved Capex roll out plan
  • Prioritize system investments and account customer expectations earlier in the game – managing both PERFORMANCE and PERCEPTION, very critical to success of Distribution Franchisee
  • Understand site’s ethnography – political, economical, social, industrial etc.

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