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Interim (or Mini) Power Franchisee Market in India 2013Q1

Interim (or Mini) Power Franchisee Market in India 2013Q1

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Publishing Date: May 6, 2013

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Brief Overview

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Power Distribution Franchisee, growing Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is seeing good momentum in the industry. Different Franchisee based models are emerging of which certain variants are being applied to smaller target areas / Aggregated Customer Premises.
Subsequent to the appointment of ‘Input Based Power Distribution Franchisee’ for bigger circles/cities, various states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, etc. has taken more steps to reduce AT&C losses, improve customer service and collection efficiency. Of the various Franchisee models, Interim (or Mini) Franchisee, is gaining an impetus wherein a Real Estate Developers are encouraged to add service component to their already invested electricity infrastructure. Here also, energy units are purchased at single point and revenue is collected from customers at ERC regulated tariffs only. Interim (or Mini) Franchisee model is particularly applicable in Multi-storey buildings, IT Park, Special Economic Zone, Urban Townships, Rural / Hilly area having scattered network and others including small colonies (having 100 connections or more).

Investments in this space are driven by the emerging nature of the ‘Interim Distribution Franchisee’ model which promises good returns, has low entry barriers, maintains proximity to end-consumers, involves low Capex with predictable cash flows and easy financial leverage when operating efficiently.

Interim (or Mini) Distribution Franchisee, by far, has been mostly used operating model in urban areas like Gurgaon, Noida, Nagpur, Pune, Agra, etc.

How ‘Interim Power Distribution Franchisee’ is different from ‘Input Based Power Distribution Franchisee (IBDF)’?

  • Interim Franchisee is focused on new coming multi-storey buildings like IT park, SEZ, malls, buildings and colonies, and look for Distribution system investment from the Developer. IBDF is focused on existing urban towns, with leased O&M model including up gradation Capex responsibility.
  • The Interim Franchisee operator does not have to pay for power sourced from DISCOM, but fully pass on the collected bills from its customers back to Discom, and get service/management fees. In case of IBDF, the operator purchase power from Discom at bidded input rate, manage all distribution and collect payments from the end customers.

Detailed Table of Contents of Report

1. Executive Summary
2. Broader Franchisee Uptake

  • Loss Reduction measures adopted by different stakeholders in Indian Utilities
  • Types of Distribution Franchisee Models at bigger regional/city level
  • Different variants of Franchisee models at smaller target areas

3. Interim Franchisee Model

  • Key Activities by Interim Franchisee Operator
  • Stakeholders and Role/Activities Mapping
  • Value Benefits and Challenges for all stakeholders

4. Uptake of Interim Franchisee in various states

  • State-wise Current Status
    • How the model works in Maharashtra – Objective, Characteristics, Scope and Revenue Model (Active Project Developers Lists)
    • How the model works in Haryana – Objective, Characteristics, Scope and Revenue Model
    • How the model works in Punjab – Objective, Characteristics, Scope and Revenue Model

5. Seven Case Studies – Key primary inputs from operating Interim Franchisees
6. Conclusion

  • Go-To-Market Entry Recommendations

7. Appendix

  • Prospective new Projects list for Interim Franchisee
  • List of Pilot Smart Grid Projects
  • Lists of operating Input based Distribution Franchisee models
  • List of IBDF projects in takeover phase
  • References

Key Questions Answered

  • Current Market Scenario, its uptake and Upcoming Opportunities
  • Key Functional Roles and Responsibility of Interim Franchisee Operator
  • Key Value Benefit & Challenges of Interim Franchisee across various stakeholders
  • Case Studies of already existing Operators
  • Existing model overview of different states like Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, etc.

Information Sources

  • Primary Inputs from operating Interim Franchisee – DISCOMS, Operators, Consultants, Customer Representative, NGOs, etc.
  • Opinions and Reviews of various reports in Distribution Franchisee sector
  • Inputs from Conferences and Workshops
  • Secondary Research

A Must Buy For

  • Technology or Integrated Solution Providers who are willing to understand the Interim Franchisee space to get up-to speed on the market
  • Research and Educational Institutes to learn about various aspects of the Interim Franchisee market
  • Consultants to upgrade their know-how in the Interim franchisee market space
  • Banks and Financial Institutions to learn about the sector and understand the financial implications of investing in Interim franchisee businesses


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