IUKAN 2014-Conference Proceedings – Best Practice Journal and Video Coverage

IUKAN 2014-Conference Proceedings – Best Practice Journal and Video Coverage

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Price: Journal Rs.1000/- and Conference DVDs Pack of 6 Rs. 3000/- per Track

Publishing Date: March 20, 2014

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IUKAN 2014 conference on the theme of “Complementing the Reforms Bottom-up through improved Operationalization and Engaged Local System” saw the publication of a Best Practice Journal probably for the first time in the Indian Utility context. The Journal compiles 62 best practices shared by 36 industry players from power, water and waste water sector including public and private utility operators and their service providers. The best practices printed have been successfully implemented by the industry players and achieved highly beneficial results and feedback.

Best Practice Journal reprints containing 62 best practices from 36 companies are available at Rs. 1000 each. Prices include domestic courier charges. Taxes Extra

The journal compiles best innovative practices from following companies across eight contemporary categories

Category Name Customer Services And Complaint Management
Case-study from companies:
  • GTL Infrastructure Ltd
  • Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd
  • Bangalore Electricity Supply Company
  • Jamshedpur Utility and Service Company
  • TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd
  • Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd
  • Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Orange City Water Ltd
  • Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd
  • Attrait Solutions
Category Name Metering Effectiveness and Smart Infrastructure
Case-study from companies:
  • Secure Meters
  • GTL Infrastructure Ltd
  • BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd
  • Noida Power Company Ltd
  • A2Z Group
  • TATA Power
  • Reliance Infrastructure
  • Mobicule Technologies
Category Name Billing and Collection
Case-study from companies:
  • Anjani Logistics
  • Enzen Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Jamshedpur Utility and Service Company
  • OSSR Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Category Name Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management
Case-study from companies:
  • BSES Yamuna Power Ltd
  • BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd
  • Reliance Infra
  • TATA Consultancy Services
  • ADCC Infocad Pvt. Ltd
  • Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Mechatronics 
Category Name Loss Reduction, Theft Control and Vigilance
Case-study from companies:
  • Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation  Ltd
  • Noida Power Company Ltd
  • A2Z Group
  • TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd
  • CE Power Solutions
  • Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Raychem RPG
  • E-cube Energy
  • Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Jamshedpur Utility and Service Company
Category Name People Management and Development
Case-study from companies:
  • Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation  Ltd
  • Orange City Water
Category Name Bid Management and Operations Takeover
Case-study from companies:
  • GTL Infrastructure Ltd
Category Name Innovations and Others
Case-study from companies:
  • BSES Yamuna Power Ltd
  • TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd
  • TATA Consultancy Services
  • Reliance Infra
  • Vadodara Municipal Corporation
  • Secure Meters
  • Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd

Information Sources for Journal

  • Abstracts shared by companies for the publication.
  • Best practices implemented by players in the power and water sector.

For those who could not make to the conference, entire conference coverage is available!!!

For wider dissemination of conference proceedings, the video recordings for IUKAN Conference 2014  for each track – Power Distribution and Water Distribution + Waste Water – are available separately in set of 6 DVDs @ Rs. 3000/per track. Prices include domestic courier charges. (Taxes Extra)

Following are details on topics covered by each DVD:



DVD Topic Esteemed Speakers
Panel 1 Challenges and best practices in stabilising Operations and driving projected Loss reductions in early years
  • Mr. Ajai Nirula (COO, IL&FS Energy)
  • Mr. Jagdish Chelaramani (BU Head, GTL)
  • Mr.Satish Kulkarni (CIO, Essel)
  • Mr. Praveen Goyal (Head,Automation & Strategic Initiatives, NPCL)
Panel 2 Multisourcing: Innovating Outsourcing for co-creating with internal and external Providers
  • Mr. Satish Kulkarni (CIO, Essel Utilities)
  • Mr. Chris Gaines (CTO, Exceleron)
  • Mr. Manaen Srigiri (CEO, JNJ Meters)
  • Mr. Manu Puri (Principal, Energy & Utilities, Accenture)
Panel 3 Evaluating Franchisee Model and its emerging variants, for improved Govt. Acceptance & Performance Contracting
  • Mr. Ashok Verma (PwC Partner)
  • Mr. Mohd. Suleman (Energy Secretary, GoMP)
  • Mr. Kumar V. Pratap (Director, Divestment,Min. of Finance, GoI)
  • Mr. Rada Nair (Head, Corporate Strategy & Planning, Enzen)
Panel 4 Customer Services as a Marketing Function – ‘Transforming from Seller’s to Buyer’s Market
  • Mr. Faiz Wahid (Director, pManifold)
  • Mr. Abhinav Sinha (COO, EKO)
  • Mr. Ankur Singla (CEO, Akosha)
  • Mr. Surjya Roy (Director, Client Services, AC Nielsen)
Panel 5 Increasing investments in ‘Utility’s operational efficiency and service improvement’ initiatives
  • Mr. Suvajit Das (AVP, Project Advisory & Structured Finance, SBI CAPS)
  • Mr. Mohit Khatri (Sr. Manager, EESL)
  • Mr. Vinod Kala (MD, EVI)
  • Mr. Sunil Varma Marri Practice Head Energy, IMAcS)
  • Mr. Reji Pillai (President, India Smart Grid Forum)
Panel 6 Vision Session-1 How to sustain Power Distribution utilities and further road ahead?Vision Session-2 Can we get all India homes some minimum power without power-cuts? And can we do it soon?
  • Mr. Ajoy Mehta (CMD, MSEDCL)
  • Mr.Ashok Jhunjhunwala (Prof. IITM, Member to PM’s Scientific Advisory Committee)



DVD Topic  Esteemed Speakers
Panel 1 Strengthening Local Ecosystem and stakeholder engagement to drive Municipal Water Utility Reforms
  • Ms.Vandana Bhatnagar (Institutional Development Specialist, WSP-SA, World Bank)
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar (President, Indian Water Foundation (IWF)
  • Dr. Renu Khosla (Director of Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE)
  • Mr. Anil Sole (Mayor Nagpur)
Panel 2 Building operational stability and scaling-up water utility reforms beyond pilot
  • Mr.Paritosh Gupta (CEO, IL&FS IDC Ltd.)
  • Mr.El Hassane Ben Ahmed (CEO, MVV)
  • Mr.Amrit Pandurangi (ED, Delloite)
  • Mr.Rahul Gowardhan (Director-HR and PR, Orange City Water)
  • Ms. Malini Shankar (Principal Secretary, Water Resources Management, Govt.of Maharashtra)
  • Mr.Rahul Johrapurkar (VP, ADCC)
Panel 3 Managing Perception-Performance-Payment: Customer centric move to replicate Bottled water success story in Piped water
  • Mr. Srinivas Chary (Dean Research and Mgmt. Studies, ASCI)
  • Ms. Brune Poirson (Head Sustainability & CSR, Veolia Waters)
  • Mr.Anant Pratap Singh (DGM, Customer Services, JUSCO)
  • Mr. Nishesh Mehta (VP, Next Drop)
Panel 4 Business and Technology Innovations for scaling-up Waste Water Management in Tier-2 and 3 Cities
  • Ms. Malini Shankar (Principal Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra)
  • CA Hemant Lodha (MD, SMS Enviro Ltd.)
  • Mr. Nitin Verma (Partner & MD Sustain Asia; Consultant, IL&FS IDC Ltd.)
  • Mr. M.S. Unnikrishnan (MD, Thermax)
  • Mr. Sundeep S Chauhan (Head, Global BD, VA Tech Wabag)
Panel 5 Leveraging long term private Debt Finance for Water & Waste Water utilities through development of Municipal Capacities
  • Mr.Alok Shiromany (Head Technical Committee, JnNURM)
  • Mr. Sridhar Chandrasekhar (Director, Corporate Infra Ratings, CRISIL)
  • Mr. Sandeep Waghmare (Practice Head, Water Utilities)
Panel 6 Vision Session- Urbanisation in India – Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward
  • Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia (Chairperson, ICRIER)

A Must Buy for

  1. Consultants and professional students to upgrade their know-how in the power distribution, water supply and waste water management sector.
  2. Potential New Entrants in power and water sector as it will help them to identify the current trends in the sector and line their operations by involving the local ecosystem.
  3. Existing public and private service providers in the utility sector to stay up to date with the upcoming challenges and innovations that are being implemented successfully.
  4. Research and Educational Institutes brains to learn about various new practices implemented in the utility sector.
  5. Banks and financial institutions to learn about the sectors and understand the financial implications of investing in the utilities.

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