EVs Battery System Design: Pack Assembly, Thermal Management, BMS & Integration

EVs Battery System Design: Pack Assembly, Thermal Management, BMS & Integration

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Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) take up ~40-50% cost of EVs, with its approx. one-third cost in materials, one-third in battery pack and last one-third in BMS. India is projected to have ~200 million EVs by 2030 on road, with then estimated cumulative ~1000 GWh LIBs in the system, and continuing annual addition of ~150-200 GWh in following years.

The value chain of LIBs shall constitute material supplies, cell manufacturing, cell to battery pack manufacturing, and BMS manufacturing. Further it shall be OEMs who shall integrate the LIBs in their vehicle, with main interaction with i) EV Charging circuit ii) Discharging circuit (including Power Train drive) iii) vehicle electronics & communications iv) battery and/or vehicle cooling. The end-users care for (long) range, (faster) charging time, (higher) top speed and acceleration and lower TCO from their EVs, and these attributes has high interrelation with choice of battery, its management and cost trade-offs.

Battery pack design, thermal management, BMS and Vehicle Integration – all four plays very important role to get best value of the costliest single component in EVs.

This Webinar topic was focused on:

  • Understanding Battery Pack and BMS key constituent elements and their design rationale for new age EVs in India
  • Learning different practices for Battery Thermal Management and arising challenges and advantges
  • Learning from different testing results on key fail safe criterion for LIBs to build effective battery control and management for optimal battery-vehicle performance and high battery life
  • What competencies and edge India can focus to grab sizeable market share in battery manufacturing and BMS


Mr. Nikhilesh Mishra Mr. Huzefa A C Mr. Rahul Bagdia
Chief Technology Officer
Grinntech Motors & Services (P) Ltd.
Domain Head – Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology
Ashok Leyland
Co-Founder and Director
pManifold Business Solutions


Date and Time: On Wednesday 18th July 2018, 16:00 to 18:00 IST.

Webinar Recording:

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