A comparative view of top level findings is shown here, developed using the location specific reports of Shajapur, Ujjain & Dewas available here along with 6 other districts in Madhya Pradesh (MP).

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The analysis shows that in the above 3 districts, a substantial percentage of dissatisfaction in
Customers is coming due to 2 factors, namely ‘Communication’ & ‘Price’.

The overall Satisfaction score on being computed(on scale of 0-100 with 100 being all respondents ‘very satisfied’):

Communication Price
Shajapur 33.68 30.76
Ujjain 27.09 32.77
Dewas 24.50 20.90
The main reasons for higher dissatisfaction across the 3 districts as indicated by the customers are due to following:
  • Less ‘Awareness’ from Utility regarding the attributes ‘Energy Efficiency’ & ‘Consumer Rights’
  • Less communication for ‘Advance notice about disruption’
  • ‘Power Tariff & its variations’ is High
‘Shajapur’ district has higher percentage of customers agreeing towards ‘Privatization’ of Power Distribution compared to ‘Ujjain’ & ‘Dewas’
On being asked if “Service levels will improve
if a private company manages electricity
distribution”, the responses of different
districts were as follows:
  • Shajapur – 44%
  • Ujjain – 39%
  • Dewas – 31%
Across different categories of consumers, over 50% respondents from ‘Commercial’ customers in ‘Dewas’ and ‘Shajapur’ districts agree that ‘service levels will improve if a private company manages
power distribution’.
Approximately 20% respondents from all the 3 districts ‘Neither Agree nor Disagree’ with ‘Privatization of Power Distribution. Also, ‘Agri’ customers have considerably lower expectations (<40%) in ‘Dewas’ & ‘Ujjain’ districts with ‘Privatization’.

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