This is the summary of results from the top level analysis, developed using the ‘Consolidated Report’ of all the 9 districts in Madhya Pradesh (MP).
Across all 9 districts, expectations of customers based on certain factors like Customer Service, Power Quality & Reliability and Price are significantly leading to high Dissatisfaction among all categories of customers i.e. Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Agri. Following attributes of above factors need prior attention as suggested by customers:
  • Unplanned / Planned Outages
  • Local Electricity Infrastructure
  • Resolution Billing Complaints
  • Resolution Meter Complaints
  • Service Response Time
  • Value for money
  • Fairness of Price
Customers Agreement Levels of ‘Distribution Privatization’ through franchisee model in all the 9 districts
  • 83% respondents from ‘Bhind’ district agree with positive impact of ‘Distribution Privatization’ followed by 51% respondents from ‘Gwalior’.
  • Only 28% respondents from ‘Sagar’ district agree with positive impact of ‘Distribution Privatization’, which is the lowest of all the districts.
Customers have high expectations from utility to improve the current system & make them fully satisfied
  • Over 55% respondents from all the 9 districts agree that lot needs to be done to improve the current utility system and make them fully satisfied with ‘Bhind’ district has expectation with 91% & ‘Datia’ district has lowest expectation with 56%.
See our earlier blogs for region wise details:
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