Inspired by the success of the Power Distribution Franchisee model of electricity at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, many other states have started piloting the model. MSEDCL is probably the most active utility with piloting Power Distribution Franchisee model – Bhiwandi, Nagpur, Jalgaon and recently Shil, Mumbra & Kalwa with many others in pipeline in coming short time.

The table below gives a good snap shot of most projects in this space across different states. It might not be a complete list at this point of time and we will strive to keep it most updated. Projects fall in various categories – Operations started; bid won; RFP released; prospective.

Distribution Franchisee RFP References:

  1. Bhiwandi
  2. Agra
  3. Kanpur
  4. Nagpur
  5. Aurangabad
  6. Jalgaon
  7. Shil, Mumbra, Kalwa
  8. Bihar
  9. Guna / Narsinghpur / Rewa
  10. Rudrapur / Roorkee

Post by: Kunjan Bagdia @ pManifold

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