pManifold was the knowledge partner at 2nd Annual Electric Vehicle India Summit 2019 which was held from 25th – 27th February in Delhi organised by Explore Exhibition

The Summit was held for 3 days. 1-day Workshop followed by 2 days Conference where various EV Thought Leaders imparted knowledge & shared their insights with the audience.

Day 2 Rahul Bagdia, Director and Co-Founder, pManifold Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Moderated Panel Discussion:

What Indian EV industry needs in terms of policy changes in order to create the thrust.

  • EV Policies & Regulations – Current EV policies and regulations and their implications. How the federal, state, and local regulations interact with one another
  • Moving forward: What to expect from the new policies & their regulatory standpoint. Best practices & FAQs in regulatory frameworks to facilitate market-friendly uptake programs
  • Electric Vehicles moving forward? – The current state of Electric Vehicles, manufacturer’s perspective

Presentation coverage by Rahul Bagdia:

Day 3 Rahul Bagdia was a speaker and spoke on An in-depth survey into the possibilities for e-2 wheelers and e-4 wheelers fraternity.

Presentation : EV Charging Economics for 2W, 3W, 4W and Bus, and associated Private Investments & Financing

  • EV Adoption & Maturity across Vehicle Segments
  • Mix of EV Charging Options and Infra at City Level
  • Economics for EV & Charging
  • Business Models, Investments & Financing

pManifold launched “India EV Outlook Survey 2019Q1” during EV India Summit 2019 to consolidate industry views around some of the most important questions around EVs and India forward standing. Speakers & Participants actively participated in LIVE POLL and received an opportunity to see LIVE results.

We have launched it on one of our venture company pManifold Infolabs developed LIVE polling app “Consult Engine“. You can install it using Google play store on your Android, or take it on web app at

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