Aims to achieve a low carbon development pathway within surface transport sector


The client wanted to assess the LEDS intervention plan and design in order to achieve low emission in surface transport benefitting development goals with a birds eye view on the emerging technologies, innovative and climate friendly solutions


Primary Research

Prepared an inception report to study and analyze transport landscape, existing policies, global case studies on low emission development strategy for surface transport and GHG Inventory

Secondary Research

Prepared framework for secondary research and stakeholder consultations, roadmap and action plan for LEDS Surface Transport

Primary Consultations

Conducted primary consultations facilitated by local partner for data collection and understanding country transport landscape

Modeling & Analysis

Developed GHG modeling baseline estimates, projections, and impact assessment for each identified intervention and prioritized them on the basis of Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) analysis, Policy and Legal Framework, Ease of Implementation, Economics, Social Benefits, Environment Benefits, Climate Benefits, and Replicability

Review & Validation

Validated the results with stakeholders and government representative of the country

Report Submission

Prepared insightful & actionable Report and shared with client for feedback


The study provided a consolidated overview of the mitigation potential with prioritized interventions. The interventions which emerged as the highest priority were emission standards, shared mobility, improvement of fuel efficiency, and promotion of electric passenger vehicles

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