About the Client

Investors Controlled Innovative technology company in US

Client Problem

Client wanted to commercialize ground breaking technology in the MI Diagnostics field, and wanted to know its commercial potential so that suitable licensing fees and model could be determined and also value could be showcased to Licensees

The Solution

  • pManifold involved a team of a senior consultant part time and a business analyst full time to conduct primary and secondary research involving domain specialists to capture current market scenario.
  • Performed competitive benchmarking to assess a Relative Cost Benefit Index used later for determining technology platform (product) pricing.
  • Projected annual demand for next ten years in three different scenarios – Median, Optimistic and Pessimistic across multiple disease categories.
  • Forecasted Global Average Selling Price (ASP) and Cost associated with capex and opex
  • Validated commercializing options and measured incremental financial scenario for potential licensees
  • Determined the Global Net Present Value (NPV) and created Financial models

Results / Benefit to Client

  • NPV of the technology and indicative licensing fees, along with several insights generated, served as conclusive guidance to the client for deal-making and negotiations.
  • The client was delighted which also resulted in repeat assignments

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