About the Client

Nagpur First Charitable Trust – an NGO with a focus on city development

Client Problem

Nagpur First Charitable Trust is an NGO working for the development of Nagpur City with the aim of making Nagpur a Global City by 2020. It collaborates with Nagpur Municipal Corporate as a knowledge partner for the smart city initiative. The NGO wanted to establish a baseline for the Nagpur City on various aspects of city growth thereby providing a trusted and common view for multiple stakeholders to prepare roadmaps for helping the city become a smart and sustainable city.

The Solution

  • Nagpur First engaged pManifold to conduct the data collection for the ISO 37120 framework and prepare a report with the collected data, benchmarking it with the world cities and also engage their Nagpur Smart City Council members to envisage the roadmap for the city’s development.
  • pManifold established a team to work on the project. The team reached out to NMC to obtain an authorization letter to reach out to various departments and state bodies to collect relevant data on the 100 indicators of ISO37120 across 17 categories.
  • The team wrote 22 RTI applications and visited 25 departments to collect the data points. The indicators were computed based on the data collected and benchmarked against data of 19 world cities available in the repository of World Council of City Data.
  • The final report of 138 pages was prepared and submitted for review by the NSCC members and NMC. Based on the data showcases, a assessment of root causes, target achievement by 2020 and the possible way forward was laid down in the report.

Results / Benefit to Client

  • A holistic view of the city based on factual data collected from various departments was collected.
  • This gave a comprehensive view of the data available for planning purposes. An interim report was release during the Global Nagpur Summit 2016.

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