Aim of the study was to evaluate the market for cold chain infrastructure across four value chains (fruits & vegetables, fish, dairy and meat) in India, Kenya, and Nigeria. The study also aimed at assessing the existing cold chain technologies and identifying low-cost sustainable technologies.


The client wanted to assess the market of cold chain infrastructure, business models, current trends, barriers and opportunities for market transformation, as well as strategies to accelerate the adoption of cold chain technologies at scale.


Secondary Research

Conducted a literature review on the current state of the CCI market in these three countries. Based on these sources, a comprehensive framework has been developed to assess current and future CCI deployments

Primary Consultations

Conducted rigorous primary consultations with industry experts to collect data, perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of CCI challenges, gaps, opportunities, and market size throughout the value chain, and validate secondary research


Based on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, triangulated the current total market size and the potential market size in 2030 to identify the CCI growth drivers and challenges for each value chain.

Report Submission

Prepared a percipient report covering all the key learnings from the study and recommendations based on,
Economic assessment
Business and financial models
Off-grid solar refrigeration case study


Projected CCI Market Size (2030) CAPEX Model Across Value Chains (USD million) by country across different products

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