About the Client

A boutique strategy consulting company in Life sciences, based in US

Client Problem

Client wanted to setup offshore team to augment Research, Business Development and Operations in India to churn more technology licensing and market entry business thus adding more value at optimum cost

The Solution

  • pManifold set up a dedicated and competent team with 1 FTE, scaled to 3 FTE in 12 months, working with client’s US team on a continuous basis.
  • The team undertakes research on market segments including biotech, pharma, medical devices etc elaborating on market size, competitive landscape assessments, market analysis and monitoring of companies in such domains.
  • The team supports in prospecting buyers of new technologies which include leading Lifesciences companies across markets in India, Asia, Latin America, US
  • The team also competently writes whitepapers, regular newsletters for social engagement of the client’s customers & syndicated research reports

The Value Proposition

  • Dedicated and client-focused service
  • Business and Market Research
  • Report / Whitepaper Preparation
  • Business Development and Management
  • Branding through Newsletters, Linkedin group, other digital media

Results / Benefit to Client

  • A continuous relationship for over 6 years
  • Client Top management and consultants are now able to focus on client relationships and strategizing for growth while the research, analysis, content development, client projects delivery and business development is taken care offshore by pManifold Team, enabling the client to do much more
  • Increase in visibility, credibility and accessibility for the client through an improved website, Presentations, whitepapers, research reports and monthly newsletters, Proactive Linked group activity, Social media management
  • Better reach to prospects owing to intensive business development activities enabling the client to increase growth target 2x of annual revenue in the first year itself
  • 400% increase in productivity at high quality with a heavy decrease in costs of resources resulting in cost-quality advantage to the customers of the client
  • Increase in appreciation by customers to the client
  • Better business management without requiring client bandwidth owing to use of several standard tools and applications for project management and reporting used at pManifold

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