About the Client

An IT Company based in Central India having major competency in GIS and Engineering Design Services.

Client Problem

The client earlier had significant exports in Building Design Services; however it was discontinued and no significant export business exists today in either of its primary service areas including GIS and Engineering Design Services. Client wanted an external consultant to assist them in rebuilding their export business starting from selection of the right geography, help in understanding the geographies and establishing local partnerships.

The Solution

  • As a first step, pManifold setup a dedicated research team which helped the client in understanding Target markets & tracking opportunities through detailed tracking and profiling of the target countries and competition
    • Identify the GIS/EDS companies working in target countries
    • Understand what these companies are doing in each of the target countries
    • Track the evolution of GIS market opportunities for each of the target countries
    • Identify and document registration procedures in these countries, if any
  • In the second step, pManifold’s team also also identified and established inflow of leads from tender sources
  • As a third and final step, pManifold team supported the client in identifying, Prospecting and Converting Partners which included local companies, distributors of the Client partners etc in the target geography. This was done through,
    • Preparing of the elevator Pitch for the Client
    • Initiating the communication  via Email or Phone with the prospect
    • Apprising the synergy benefits to the potential partners
    • Collaborating with the Client team to close partnerships / establish MOUs

Result / Benefits to Client

  • The client management was able to take a clear international business strategy roadmap to the board and get their approval. The roadmap was prepared by pManifold after detailed discussions with internal teams, experts and secondary research.
  • The client management was provided a detail insight into each country through Country Profile Reports prepared for the following 6 countries : Niger, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Ghana, & Nigeria. Each report covered the following information,
    • Country Intro
      • India’s relations with the country
      • Academic / Research Associations involving GIS
      • PESTEL Analysis
    • Review of GIS/EDS Projects in the country
      • Key National/Policy initiatives
      • B2G and B2B projects
    • Review of vendors offering GIS tenders in the country
    • GIS/EDS Market trends
    • GIS/EDS related tenders with their sources
    • Statistics on ease of doing business in the country
    • List of ministries / Agencies
    • Report on Indian companies looking to do business in the target country
    • Report on funding agencies in the target country and steps to tap these funds
    • Misc info such as VISA formalities, Key contacts, Social media networks to join etc.
  • pManifold organized meetings with prospect business partners and client management

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