About the Client

A leading power distribution franchisee operator with operations in multiple locations in India.

Client Problem

Client wanted to monitor each customer facing process and identify issues, if any, being experienced by customers on various service delivery parameters like satisfaction, turnaround time, staff behavior, unauthorized payments etc.


  • pManifold worked closely with the client team to understand the business processes involved and customized its process monitoring methodology for the clients needs. Eight process were covered including,
    • New Service Connection
    • Meter Management – Installations
    • Customer Service
    • Complaint Handling
    • Meter Reading
    • Bill Distribution
    • Collections
    • Operations & Maintenance
  • Questions for each were designed covering the key performance metrics of the process on which the customer feedback is collected. These primarily include,
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Ease of process
    • Turn-around-Time
    • Staff behavior
    • Non-compliances e.g. additional payments, etc
  • Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews were conducted for randomly sampled consumers who had used the service in the last review period (quarter) and customer responses were collected with traceability maintained through customer call log.
  • The data was analyzed and results were presented with a top management dashboards and detailed drill-down reports for individual case analysis for each process. Key improvement areas for each process was identified and presented to individual process owners and top management for action.

Results / Benefit to Client

  • Management Dashboards gave a immediate quantitative view to the management of the current issues it was facing and allowed a third party view of the same which could be shared with the different functional teams for further sensitization towards the problems at hand and addressing those.
  • The detailed drill down capability in MS Excel for the data allowed for individual cases to be looked into and resolved.
  • A continuous process has now been established for tracking and monitoring process quality for service delivery management at the client with pManifold being the indepdent assesor.

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