About the Client

An Environment consulting company contracted by Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE), MoP and USAID

Client Problem

Client needed to collect energy consumption profiles of hospitals and hotels across various segments for qualitative and quantitative analysis and creation of benchmarking system for commercial buildings in India

The Solution

  • pManifold involved a team of 1 senior full time interact with Hotels and Hospitals in its designated areas of Central and North East India to understand and compile their electricity consumption profile along with supporting documentation for validation.
  • Identified information sources and contacts and prospected the organizations to educate them about the project and its potential benefits so as to establish cooperation in providing detailed information as desired in the 50 data point questionnaire.
  • Performed Field Data collection & Validation and liaised with central coordination team to report results on regular basis.

Results / Benefit to Client

  • pManifold’s team voluntarily improved the client’s process of data collection and also delivered highest number of validated data-points across 10 national teams, in the shortest time.
  • On a broad level it helped establish an energy benchmarking system for commercial buildings in India

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