Aims to achieve zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty truck (ZE-MHDT) adoption that help improve air quality, energy security, and industrial competitiveness


To understand the existing MHDT sector, its supply and demand and provide recommendations for systematically replacing existing supply of MHDT with ZE-MHDT to meet the same demand



Prepared an inception report to study literature review and data sources, stakeholder mapping & engagement plan for ZE-MHDT Industry & Supply Chain Assessment Outline

MHDT Products Landscape

Studied existing MHDT industry using vehicle sales data, identified important players and key characteristics of existing products

MHDT Fleet Landscape

Analyzed MHDT fleet value chain, derived application specific use cases, understand operational expectations from ICE trucks and requirement of e-Trucks to meet or better them in those same use cases

MHDT Electrification Feasibility

Estimated high-level sizing of e-Truck sub-system (batteries, motors, chargers, etc.) for various use cases and identify barriers & opportunities for e-trucks to become as viable as ICE trucks

ZE-MHDT Supply Chain Assessment

Assessed ZE-MHDT supply side readiness and evaluated investment requirements, and policy support to strengthen supply-side

ZE-MHDT Roadmap

Performed Barrier analysis for ZEV adoption across MHDT value chain and identified enabling policies, intervention, programs to address identified barrier. Prepared ZE-MHDT roadmap covering enabling measures, targets, pilots, etc

Report Submission

Prepared insightful & actionable Report and shared with client for feedback


An elaborate roadmap has been evolved based on individual policy and other measures recommended along with a top-level plan to assure truck operators of the techno-commercial viability of e-Trucks, thus growing the adoption. The roadmap also includes other success factors like charging infrastructure deployment, safety and other regulatory standards, and communication initiatives.

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