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Clients Objectives

The client wanted to assess the readiness of EV in SAARC Member States in terms of policy, technology, commercial and institutional aspects. Based on this, implementable action points will be developed to facilitate EV penetration in SAARC member states.

Solutions Approach

  • The readiness assessment of the Member States in terms of countries economic parameters, energy sector, automobile local manufacturing and transport sector overview, capacity building of related stakeholders, skill development, private participation and investment etc. was assessed.
  • The existing scenario for the SAARC Member States in terms of government plans and policies, EV usage, charging infra deployments, pilot project existing or planned, key challenges (for existing pilot projects: responsible authorities, EV model, battery type and specification, motor rating, charging standard and communication protocol followed was studied. This was followed by analysing the propositions of EV for each of the Member State.


The study guided the client in assessing the EV readiness of the SAARC Member States. The assessment helped them to build right recommendations or action points for enabling EV penetration in the Member States

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