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Clients Objectives

The client wanted to make contextual assessment of barrier and possibilities of implementing EV charging infrastructure of 2W and 4W in one of the Lighthouse cities in India. Also, the study included capturing end-users preference for EV adoption

Solutions Approach

  • Developed Business Models for electric vehicle charging of 2W and 4W at six different locations : Home, Common Building, Office, On-street, Public and Mall Charging for combination of slow, fast and rapid chargers. These business model was developed considering the existing electricity tariff in Maharashtra. The model provided the end-user pricing of EV charging to customers at above mentioned 6 locations using slow, fast and rapid charging.
  • Developed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) modelling for different models of 2W and 4W. This was done to draw comparison between EV and its ICE variants
  • Conducted the survey of existing and potential users of EV for their preference of charging, charging locations, preferred time for charging, etc.
  • Analysed the feedback obtained from the survey to develop and understand the important parameters for establishing charging infra.


The study guided the client in developing right business model for estimating the end-user pricing to the customers who will be charging their vehicle at the mentioned 6 locations. It also helped client understand the user preference for charging speed, charging location and EV economics awareness to the people.

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