A Govt. of India (GoI) enterprise under Ministry of Power

Clients Objectives

The client wanted to understand EV landscape with key focus on EV Charging Infrastructure, its related business models, standards & regulations, best practices adopted, etc. for development of EV ecosystem in India.

Solutions Approach

  • Studied & Analyzed Global benchmarking of EV industry and Charging Infrastructure covering standards, testing protocols, charging and communication technologies (AC/DC), policies, regulations on tariff, etc. in four countries US, Finland, China and Japan to understand best practices being adopted by those countries.
  • Developed city level EV adoption projections until 2030 for 3 cities (Delhi, Nagpur & Lucknow) including no. of EV projections, charging stations (public, private, fleet, battery swap), chargers, electricity requirement, impact on grid/network requirements, etc.
  • 20+ diversified stakeholders were interviewed through different modes to get inputs on latest technologies in Charging Infrastructure. Also, their views on EVSE standards and testing protocols were collected and reported.
  • ‘As-Is’ Supply Chain readiness of EV in India was studied and certain policy measures were suggested to help increase EV uptake.


The study guided the client with charging infrastructure related standards, business models, policies, tariff setting, and overall EV supply chain and ecosystem building up in India.

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