Customer Experience Measurement

The Challenge

Any businesses is in a constant endeavor to improve or grow. Managers and business owners tend to constantly review their situation and identify assets within the organization that they can leverage to build their business upon.

What we do?

We assist managers and business owners to understand their business more effectively and comprehensively through the right metrics and means – which are the opinions, preferences and satisfaction of the target or existing customers.

Customer side intelligence allows businesses to drive customer-centric process improvement to provide services that are relevant and at service levels that are acceptable to the end customer. It also allows businesses to govern or monitor the end service delivery quality/performance from a third party perspective which give additional insights typically unseen for managers who execute the business.

This includes executing studies, collecting primary and secondary data around,

  • Customer Opinions, Preferences and Satisfaction
  • Price discovery including Willingness to Pay for marketable and non-marketable products and services e.g. Water
  • Tariff Rationalization Study for controlled products

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