The Electric Vehicles (EVs) have taken the world by storm in recent years. Considering its several benefits: improved energy security, low carbon emission and improved air quality countries like USA, China and Norway are shifting from conventional vehicles to EVs. These countries have witnessed the largest rollout of EVs in last few years. China and USA are the two dominant leaders in Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) space with total market share of 65%.

Seeing the several benefits of EVs. Government of India has launched the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 in 2013. The roadmap had an ambitious target to achieve 6 – 7 million sales of hybrid and electric vehicles year on year from 2020 onwards. The state and central governments have taken initiatives to promote the EVs in India. By transitioning to EVs, India can save up to Rs. 20 Lakh CR. in oil imports and nearly 1 Gigatonne of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, according to a report by FICCI and Rocky Mountain Institute.

However the India is seeing the low growth trend in EV industry. The main challenges for adopting EVs includes lack of proper infrastructure, favourable policies and regulation, proper investment and financing, local manufacturing base, low customer awareness, etc. It is expected that India will see faster adoption of EVs in coming years leading to huge potential for business opportunities in EV and EVSE space.

What we do?

pManifold has been part of the EV journey in India from its core. e-Mobility Practice at pManifold works with Think Tanks, Development Agencies, Utilities, Associations, Corporates, Start-ups, Consulting Companies, etc. across the EV value chain – Electric Vehicles, Lithium Cell, Battery Pack, Charging, Components, IT, Fleet, Logistics, Network, Recycling, others. It provides the services staring from Idea Generation, Designing, Policy advocacy, Techno-commercial feasibility, Commercialization and impact monitoring.

It offers the services as below:


  • Subscription research: EVIS
    1. City level EV Readiness Scorecard
    2. City Roadmap for EVs and Charging Infra deployment


  • City level EV adoption pathways
  • EV Grid Impact study at the feeder and Discom level
  • National Strategy & Road map for EVs


  • TCO for different EV segments
  • Charging economics for different Charging locations and business models
  • City/State/National level EVs and Charger types forecast (including swapping)
  • Grid impact of EVs at city level
  • Swapping and bulk charging business model for e-3Ws
  • Solar tied EV Charging station economics

EV Engagement

Raising and engaging strong EV community through Workshop, Conferences, Webinars and Whitepapers

Conferences / Workshop

  • pManifold was Knowledge Partner for EV and Battery Tech India Summit at 5th Smart Cities India Expo 2019 New Delhi organized by Exhibition India
  • pManifold was Knowledge Partner for Electric Vehicle India Summit 2019 at Delhi organized by Explore India
  • pManifold organized workshop on EV Charging As -A-Service at 5th Smart Cities India Expo 2019 at New Delhi
  • pManifold organized full day workshop on Business opportunities in Electric Vehicle Charging Infra and Support Equipment at Nagpur
  • pManifold in association with VIA organized half day EV workshop in Nagpur with focus on Opportunities for SMEs in Electric Vehicle


  • pManifold designed and hosted a webinar series on electric vehicles “India Charging Ahead” for different stakeholders across EV value chain. It hosted 7 webinar under this series as follow:
    • Choice of EV charging connectors and Standards for India
    • E – 3W Fleet: New Emerging Market segment in India
    • EVs Battery System Design: Pack, Assembly, Thermal Management, BMS and Integration
    • e-Buses Transition: Viability for STUs
    • Understanding EV Customers: What is required to increase EV adoption in Indian Cities?
    • LIB Reuse and Recycling: Creating Secondary Market for Batteries in India
    • EV Sales Mantra: Outlook by EV Dealers

Knowledge Papers

  • City EV Readiness: Bottom-up approach to scale EVs
  • EV India Growth Outlook 2019

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