Increasing industrialization and urbanization causing the severe pollution of our natural resources like Air, Water and Soil (through solid waste).  Greenhouse gas emissions by India are the third largest in the world. India emits about 3 gigatonne (Gt)CO2eq  of greenhouse gases each year; about two and a half tons per person, which is half the world average.

This pollution also effect the human health leading many diseases.  It is the need of time to reduce the pollution of these natural resources and provide sustainable environment to the citizens

What we do?

India is facing the challenges in managing the air pollution , water pollution and proper waste disposal. pManifold works with utilities and private player helping them build the strategy for working on these challenges. It provides the below services for Utilities and PPPs:

  • Market intelligence
  • Customer intelligence and satisfaction studies
  • Willingness-To-Pay survey
  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Financial Modelling and bid advisory
  • Feasibility study
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Legacy Data Analytics and Improvements in customer engagement
  • Utility performance audit and monitoring
  • Non-Revenue Water reduction through strategic interventions

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