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If you are a student or faculty with a strong background then you may want to check our pManifold Academic Research Teams Network

We at pManifold continue to live and tread entrepreneurship waters with strong belief in Effectual Reasoning as coined by Professor Saras Sarasvathy. As she put Effectual reasoning does not begin with a specific goal. Instead it begins with a given set of means and allow goals to emerge contingently over time from the varied imagination and diverse aspirations of the founders and the people they interact.

We are more explorers set out on voyages in uncharted waters. We feel enthusiastic of working in emerging sectors, emerging locations and emerging business models.

The people who will join our efforts would have appreciation and strong grounding in below 3 principles of Effectual Reasoning:

  • Affordable loss:What is that loss that is affordable to you while you test your enterprising with us?
  • Build a crazy quilt of strategic partnerships: What strategic partnerships in-house you could leverage or bring additionally to grow our collaborative quilt
  • Make lemonade when a lemon is thrown to you: Demonstrable skill set of leveraging contingencies the ability to turn the unexpected into the profitable

We keep looking to add seniors and analysts to strengthen our services delivery and expand our consulting boutique. We follow a simple structure Practice Head, Senior Associate, Associate, Senior Analyst and Analyst.

If you are:

  • Experienced professional who wish to test entrepreneurial waters in consulting
  • Senior students from technical and/or business schools looking for internship / project work

And you share common beliefs, and you think you have the right skills and experience to help us add value to our clients then please mail your resume at

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