In 2018, the GOI has announces that it has fulfilled his promise of 100% village electrification in India. But closer look into statistics shows that only 7.3% of total villages have 100% household connectivity and 31 million home are still under the dark.

The Government and DISCOMs have focused mainly on expanding and strengthening the grid for meeting universal energy access objectives. This approach has been faced with severe challenges for providing round the clock power to rural consumers because of the high cost of supply and revenue losses incurred by DISCOMs. Decentralized renewable energy (DRE) technologies and energy storage have for long proved as useful complementary solutions for enabling quality energy access among rural consumers. However, energy efficient (EE) operation of rural end-use loads and power supply systems is often overlooked in Energy Access (EA) interventions involving grid extension.

DRE players operating micro / mini-grids have for long been adopting energy efficient end-use technologies in their efforts to minimize the overall cost of energy service. This essential feature of providing efficient energy access to rural consumers is missing in the Government’s efforts (e.g. Saubhagya scheme).

Efficient end-use consumption is at the heart of any DSM program, and Low Voltage DC (LVDC) appliances have flared quite well. There is high proliferation of LVDC appliances like LED bulbs and lights, BLDC fans, and BLDC motors in Air Conditioning, washing machine and other applications, with advantage of improved electronic controls and resulting EE, but most of them are powered by AC supply.

This split of LVDC appliances market in India

  1. running on AC supply only
  2. running on DC supply only and
  3. can run on AC or DC, has led to economies of scale not building up on supply side, keeping LVDC EE appliances price still premium and lower adoption.

What we do?

Low Voltage DC is the future of electricity usage. Distributed generation through Solar and energy efficient DC devices are leading the way for an efficient future. We work with multiple influential stakeholder across the value chain and provide the services as below:

  • Market Research: Market size, share, segmentation, competition
  • Demand and Supply Assessment
  • Customer research: customer behavior, Willingness to adopt new technology
  • Techno-commercial Feasibility
  • Business strategy
  • Customer awareness campaigns
  • Grid integration & impact, Discom business models
  • LVDC standards and scale-up …
  • Pilot Execution
  • Bassline and impact assessment

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