Market Transformation

Market Transformation


To introduce any new technology/solutions to market and ensure its successful adoption it is essential to first understand the present ecosystem, industry situation, opinion of different stakeholders, policies and regulation, challenges, etc. It is difficult to design the road map for implementation of new technology without understanding market and target customers.

What We Do?

We help building new and efficient markets by providing detailed assessment of present ecosystem in terms of demographic analysis, demand analysis, supply side scenario (Gaps and challenges), environmental condition, infrastructure availability, customer opinion, global best practices, Business modelling, pilots execution, impact monitoring, policy advocacy, capacity building, etc

Market Research & Analytics

  • Demand & Supply Assessment
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Policy Assessment
  • Stakeholders Mapping & Consultation

Market Transformation Strategies & Action Planning

  • Best Practices Benchmarking
  • Business Economics and Techno-Commercial Modelling
  • Market Innovations Scouting & Workshop
  • Market Change/scale-up Strategy and Roll-out Planning
  • Program Structuring & PPP Advisory

Implementation & Monitoring

  • POC & Pilot Management for Technology Solutions
  • Partnership Development & Experts Council Formation
  • Program Management
  • Pol icy Advocacy
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) — Baseline, Benchmarking
  • impact Assessment, Social ROi
  • Performance Monitoring & Dashboards
  • Change Management

Markets we involved in developing

  • Power Distribution Franchisee
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Power Quality
  • Solar
  • LVDC
  • IOT
  • Water PPPs 1

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