pManifold as Knowledge Partner to IIES 2011 organized a workshop on ‘Utility Monitoring & Distribution Power Franchise – Enhancing SEB’s Performance’. The workshop was co-chaired with domain experts Mr. Murhari Kele, Supt. Engg. MSEDCL, Nagpur and Mr. Prabhakar Kukde, Ex-Direcor, Tata Power.

Speakers who participated in this workshop
  1. Rahul Bagdia – Director, pManifold Business Solutions
  2. Murhari Kele – Supt. Engg. MSEDCL, Nagpur
  3. H.R. Venkatesh – Head Marketing, PRDC
  4. Prasad Sutaone – DGM, GTL Ltd.
  5. Y.S. Butola – AGM, NDPL
  6. Hemant Diddee – Founder, Heta Datain
  7. Pratap Dhumale- Project Coordinator, L&T
  8. Kamal Maheshwari – VP, SPANCO Ltd.
Topics covered
  1. Status quo and impact of DF
  2. Issues w/ DF – Utilities perspective
  3. KPIs of Utility’s Performance
  4. Techno-business Parameterization of DF (Bidders perspective)
  5. Best practices in DF Implementation – Techno/Commercial
  6. Best practices in DF Implementation – HR/soft issues
  7. Real-Time Monitoring of Utility sub-station
  8. Diagnostics & Prognostics in Distribution Monitoring
  9. R-APDRP implementation – IT, Automation, AMI
  10. ERP/IT Integration – Smart Grid Road Map

The workshop spanned following discussions with relevant stakeholders (utility – MSEDCL, NDPL; Distribution franchisees – GTL, SPANCO; policy makers, bidders, consultants, vendors, media and others) with practical sharing of case studies of implementation in Nagpur, Bhiwandi and Aurangabad:

  1. Value chain and impact of Distribution Power Franchisee – stakeholders, business opportunities, market size
  2. Stakeholders alignment issues for Utility’s and Distribution Franchisee’s performance
  3. Issues to be solved for scale-up of Distribution Franchisee
  4. Perspective of Utility / DISCOM towards Distribution Franchisee
  5. Perspective of bidders – more rationale Distribution Franchisee bidding
  6. Best practices sharing in distribution through case studies – both technical and soft sides
  7. Real-time monitoring of distribution network
  8. R-APDRP integration – issues of capacity building, change management and stakeholder engagement to be resolved for true realization of utility’s enhanced performance
  9. IT road-map for Utilities in India – realistic smart grid vision
  10. Distribution Franchisee vs. full privatization of distribution vs. co-existence of utility + Franchisee
  11. Investment considerations for entry into Distribution Franchisee business – portfolio leverage, capex considerations, operational competencies etc.

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