pManifold as Knowledge Partner to IIES 2011 organized a workshop on ‘Utility Monitoring & Distribution Power Franchise – Enhancing SEB’s Performance’. The workshop was co-chaired with domain experts Mr. Murhari Kele, Supt. Engg. MSEDCL, Nagpur and Mr. Prabhakar Kukde, Ex-Director, Tata Power.

Speakers who participated in this workshop were:

  1. Rahul Bagdia – Director, pManifold Business Solutions
  2. Murhari Kele – Supt. Engg. MSEDCL, Nagpur
  3. H.R. Venkatesh – Head Marketing, PRDC
  4. Prasad Sutaone – DGM, GTL Ltd.
  5. Y.S. Butola – AGM, NDPL
  6. Hemant Diddee – Founder, Heta Datain
  7. Pratap Dhumale- Project Manager, L&T
  8. Kamal Maheshwari – VP, SPANCO Ltd.



The workshop spanned following discussions with relevant stakeholders (utility – MSEDCL, NDPL; Distribution franchisees – GTL, SPANCO; policy makers, bidders, consultants, vendors, media and others) with practical sharing of case studies of implementation in Nagpur, Bhiwandi and Aurangabad:
  1. Value chain and impact of Distribution Power Franchisee – stakeholders, business opportunities, market size
  2. Stakeholders alignment issues for Utility’s and Distribution Franchisee’s performance
  3. Issues to be solved for scale-up of Distribution Franchisee
  4. Perspective of Utility / DISCOM towards Distribution Franchisee
  5. Perspective of bidders – more rationale Distribution Franchisee bidding
  6. Best practices sharing in distribution through case studies – both technical and soft sides
  7. Real-time monitoring of distribution network
  8. R-APDRP integration – issues of capacity building, change management and stakeholder engagement to be resolved for true realization of utility’s enhanced performance
  9. IT road-map for Utilities in India – realistic smart grid vision
  10. Distribution Franchisee vs. full privatization of distribution vs. co-existence of utility + Franchisee
  11. Investment considerations for entry into Distribution Franchisee business – portfolio leverage, capex considerations, operational competencies etc.

pManifold Services: The workshop was organized under pManifold’s Initiatives services. Focussed emerging models with potential to solve Indian power sector challenges were selected in categories of Distribution, Conservation and Generation. Relevant stakeholders including service providers, businesses, investors, bankers and professionals including students were brought together to participate in discussions led by domain experts to come with action items to scale respective business models.

Support Partners: Vijnana Bharati in collaboration with MNRE were main organizers of IIES 2011. Vidarbha Industrial Association (VIA) acted as Industry outreach partner. VNIT Nagpur hosted the overall IIES 2011. GTL Limited, SMS and Spanco were workshop sponsors.

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