Managing strategic initiatives as a program is key for long term sustainability. We provide dedicated teams for specified duration of times managing such programs.

We work with clients, from the conceptualization phase until end delivery of knowledge-based events – particularly Conferences and Awards programs.

We help engage stakeholders and drive co-creation and industry reforms – through developing researched content, delivery via online and offline mediums and executing strategic initiatives

Content Desk

  • Research Blogs
  • Webinars
  • News letters
  • Infographics
  • Research Whitepaper
  • Training Modules

Research Desk

  • Data Trackers
  • Landscape Reports
  • Market Tracking
  • Product Tracking
  • Policy Tracking

B2B Event Desk

  • Business Conference
  • Project Management
  • Business Awards
  • Task Force Secretariat
  • Training’s
  • Workshops

Custom Business Desk

  • Project Management
  • Task Force Secretariat

Topical coverage we have engaged stakeholders :

  • Utility PPPs (Power, Water, Waste, Transport, Smart City)
  • LVDC, Solar, Smart Grid
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Power Quality
  • Life Sciences and BioTech
  • IOT

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