pManifold has developed a detailed Financial & Bankability Model for ‘Input Based Power Distribution Franchisee’ to help investors and businesses understand the financial risks and returns of the model.

The full powered Excel model with ability to simultaneously present 50+ scenarios allows clients to deeply understand interrelations and varying sensitivity of different DF bid critical parameters, and create competitive edge.

The model helps understand detailed economics and viability of Distribution Franchisee (DF) model for investment decision support.


  • Employee Cost per unit
  • Bid price growth rate: choice
  • Bid price growth rate
  • Rate Offered Year 1
  • Equity %
  • Cost of Equity
  • Term Loan Interest rate
  • Annual Technical Loss reduction
  • Annual Non-Technical Loss reduction
  • Collection Efficiency improvement Rate
  • Avg. Tariff growth rate
  • Avg. Billed units growth rate (for Residential contributing 66% to Sales units)


  • Total Equity throughout project
  • Equity NPV @ Cost of Equity
  • Project NPV@WACC
  • Equity IRR (MIRR formula)
  • Equity IRR (Original IRR formula)
  • Project IRR @ WACC (MIRR formula)
  • Project IRR @ WACC (Original IRR formula)
  • Project Payback
  • Equity Payback
  • Average DSCR for period of loan repayment
  • Return on Equity (ROE)
  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
  • Levelised Cost of Supply to DF per unit purchased
  • Levelised Avg. Revenue Realised by DF per unit puchased
  • Average O&M cost per Billed unit
  • Average O&M cost per Input unit
  • Rate Offered Year 1 – Year 15
  • Ratio of Min to Max bid rates
  • Quoted Levelized Input Bid Price (w/o TIR)
  • Actual Levelized Input Bid Price (w/ TIR)
  • Levelised ABR
  • (Levelised ABR)/(Quoted LIP)
  • (Levelised ABR)/(Actual LIP)

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