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India is expected to compete with leading countries in the EV space within the next decade. By transitioning to EVs, India can save up to Rupees. 20 Lakh CR. in oil imports by 2030. Friendly Government policies and global environmental concerns are further intensifying the need to shift to cleaner electric vehicles from traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Major automobile companies like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Suzuki, etc. are interested to launch their EV in India before 2020-21. These companies have stated that the major hindrance to widespread acceptance of EVs in the Indian market is the lack of presence of EV charging stations or the Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE). Large utilities and energy companies are making investments in vehicle charging networks. The prospects are good for stronger growth in both light-duty consumer vehicle and commercial vehicle electrification.

However, the challenge is to develop profitable business models that do not depress market demand for EVs by pushing up electricity prices. Future success is likely to involve providing greater value to both consumers and the grid.

Seeing the immense potential for the business opportunities in the EV and EVSE space pManifold has created a detailed report titled “India Charging Ahead– A Market Status Report on Electric Vehicle Charging in India” designed to help the new entrants in understanding the working of the business as well as the financial models at various levels in the EV & EVSE supply chain

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