BNEF estimates that 58% of global municipal bus fleet will become electric by 2030, and this will be the highest on-road EV adoption across any vehicle segments. This push for clean mass public transportation is coming because of fast growing urbanization and resulting congestion and pollution in cities.

However, e-Bus deployment world over is seeing common challenges, including:

  • Significant procurement, commissioning and start of operations delays
  • Substantially lower range performance in city real conditions than quoted specifications
  • Poor e-Bus fleet utilization and high deviation in planned ROI
  • Missing operations SLAs and resulting high contract risks in PPP models
  • Batteries degradation and resulting additional capex infusion down the line to maintain SLAs

Above is resulting from missing performance data points around e-Bus new technology, but also due to the lack of systematic planning. The broad generalization and thumb rule approach without understanding enough the bus-battery-charger characteristics and their interaction with individual route and driving conditions is leading to non-optimal e-Bus performance.With it’s growing high adoption across the globe, it will become more important for Public Transport Authorities (PTAs) and Bus operators to learn how to systematically plan for e-Buses phase-wise adoption and integration with the conventional fleet.

This Webinar will bring experts from multiple domains – e-Bus Manufacturer, PTA, and Transport to discuss following:

  1. What important characteristics of bus-battery-charger system that influence e-Bus performance over time?
  2. What all parameters involved for systematic e-Bus fleet planning across Depots and Routes?
  3. What important considerations and steps involved for route selection for e-Buses?
  4. What operational planning and execution considerations to improve e-Bus fleet and charging infrastructure overall performance and utilization, and optimize both capex and opex?
  5. How to go about building right planning skills in the industry to improve e-Buses adoption and integration?

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